Brokers who are on the same page as you

Happy Listing simplifies your search for a real estate broker. Sign up and create a listing that will be seen by local brokers immediately. Happy Listing is the fastest way to connect with local brokers without the hassle.

Happy Listing informs you which broker will contact you in advance. Let brokers compete for your business and choose the broker you want.


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What to look for in a real estate broker

A real estate broker should know what you want from the get go and does not impose their ideas on you. They should answer your phone calls otherwise they do not value your business.



When a real estate broker sees your listing they will be able to assist you in a more effective manner saving you significant amount of time. They can begin working on showing you property listings based on your criteria and requirements focusing on what really want.

It is a much nicer to be approached with integrity and politeness than to waste time chasing someone who will make it seem as if they are doing you a favor.



A real estate broker should be willing to let you set your own listing price to start, after all its your property.

If you are advertising your property for sale while you have a real estate broker then most likely you have the wrong real estate broker. They should be doing all the work for you, what are they getting paid for?

If your real estate broker tells you “this is the best offer you will get” from the first offer, then again most likely you have the wrong real estate broker. What real estate brokers do not mention is that the longer your property is on the market the more money it will sell for.