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Happy Listing works with all the biggest agencies. Our Brokers have 5-10 years minimum experience. You shop around for just about anything, so why not shop for a broker?


1. Create Listing

Your listing will be seen immediately by dozens of local real estate brokers. This makes it faster and more efficient than any real estate directory.

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2. Real Time Contact

Receive an email notification when a broker has seen your listing before they contact you by phone. You will always know who will contact you ahead of time.


3. More Money. Less Problems.

Happy Listing helps you selling your home for more money and less problems. All our real estate brokers have 5-10 years minimum experience.

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Did you know about only 20% of FSBOs are actually able to sell their homes privately?

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Sign up now for free and advertise before selling your home to real estate agents. Your business is worth competing for; let 3 real estate agents approach you directly and compete for you. When you create a listing you can better attract the right real estate agents to help selling your home. Expand your network and see what our real estate agents have to offer you. Create exposure  and pre-sale buzz before selling your home.

When selling your home do it right the first time and find the right real estate agent, best of all its free!

My Privacy

You can specify the hours you are available during the week including weekends and so you will be contacted on your own time.

You have a Dashboard where you can see how many real estate agents have seen your listing and you will always know the real estate agents by name before they contact you.

You will never be contacted by more than 3 real estate agents; your listing automatically expires after 3 agents have seen it.


Commissions, believe it or not, are negotiable. Real estate agents on our network charge different commissions so you can always ask or specify what you are looking for.

Have a Happy Listing!

Most people spend more time shoe shopping than researching real estate agents. Happy Listing gives you the chance to showcase your property and connect with real estate agents, fast and effectively, before selling your home. By doing this you can compare different price valuations and can get more money when selling your home. Choose a real estate agent you are most comfortable with, get down to business immediately, and most importantly have a Happy Listing!