By using Happy Listing, with the Find My Broker membership and Listing Author, you are deemed to have read, acknowledged, and agreed to the following terms and conditions:

  1.  Have no existing listing contract with any other real estate brokers. Happy Listing does not endorse or encourage breaching seller or buyer agreements with other real estate brokers.
  2. Your property is not listed on any real estate website. Happy Listing is a service to find real estate brokers. If your property is listed on any other site it means you are have no intention finding a real estate broker.
  3. To be contacted by Real Estate Brokers during the times specified at the creation of the listing. It is up to the real estate brokers to honor this request and Happy Listing is not responsible for any inconvenience or “invasion of privacy” that this may cause you, the “Listing Contributor”/”Listing Author”.
  4. Happy Listing operates a strict quality control program. Happy Listing reserves the right to remove and/or modify any listing at any time without any prior notice. Happy Listing reserves the right to remove any users at any time without any prior notice.
  5. Happy Listing is not liable and has no responsibility for any agreement signed between the buyers and/or sellers and real estate brokers.
  6. Happy Listing is an online platform for buyers and sellers to find real estate brokers for the propose of selling or renting a property; real estate brokers contact that you directly, and thus we are not involved in any financial transactions or agreement made between the buyer and/or seller and real estate brokers. Any financial transactions or agreements are strictly between the buyer and/or seller and real estate brokers. Happy Listing does not collect any commissions on the real estate transactions. We just establish the contact between buyers and sellers and real estate brokers.


By using Happy Listing, as a real estate broker, you are deemed to have read, acknowledged, and agreed to the following terms and conditions:

  1. You are a fully licensed real estate broker in Canada.
  2. Not to share any personal information of the “Listing Author”.
  3. The “Listing Author” will know your name when you view their listing.
  4. The “Listing Author” information is shared among up to and maximum of 3 real estates brokers (you and 2 other real estate brokers) in total.
  5. Contact the “Listing Author” following strict guideline policies:
    1. Contact “Listing Author” in the “Available Times” specified in the listing.
    2. Contact “Listing Author” with integrity and politeness.
    3. No high pressure sales calls – remember listings are user generated and thus are motivated to find a broker.
  6. Not to share the information of the “Listing Author” with any other brokers so that other agents can contact them. Sharing leads is strictly forbidden.
  7. Happy Listing operates a strict quality control program. Happy Listing reserves the right to remove any real estate brokers from using our platform without any prior notice.
  8. Any violates of the strict guidelines can result in the removal of your account permanently.
  9. Happy Listing does not offer refunds to any credits purchased by real estate brokers.


Terms and Conditions agreements are subject to changes without prior notice.